Author: Fred Solis, Published: June, 2014 By: Maize Free Press

MOXI Junction to open mid-July

MOXI Junction to open mid-July Photo

MOXI Junction is almost done.

The inside is complete “except for tiny things” and landscaping is in the works, said Joanna Kilgore, one of the venture’s partners. The last piece of the puzzle that still needs to fall into place is the kitchen.

“It looks awesome,” Kilgore said. “We’re going to be awesome. The community is very supportive. It’s been great. It’s exciting.”

MOXI Junction recently hired two new bakers with special needs, and is “looking to open in mid-July,” Kilgore said. Providing meaningful employment for persons with special needs was the inspiration for MOXI Junction.

“We’ll practice for a few weeks and then open in mid-July and will be running full hog when the kids come back to school,” she said.

The business is also considering a kick-starter campaign to help cover the expenses of installing a kitchen.

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