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MOXI Junction has a space for special events all year round. Images of the upstairs can be found below. The upstairs has a max capacity of 38 and can be re-arragned to suit the event. Additionally the outdoor patio is also rentable with very flexible seating. MOXI Junction offers 3 different types of rentals:


Reservation: During business hours, individual table reservations may be made at no charge at the management’s discretion depending on availability. 


Business Hours Rental: During business hours the entire upstairs can be rented. There is a $25 rental fee plus $100 minimum in MOXI food and drink. The $25 rental fee is required in advance to hold the room


After Hours Rental: The coffeehouse can be rented out after hours for $250 with a 3 hour minimum. Each additional hour after the first two is $50. $100 due at booking remainder due one week prior to event. The deposit will not be refunded if canceled within 72 hours. Rental is limited to customer areas only and time frame must include set up and clean up. Food and drink by MOXI can be arranged. 


All rental dates must be confirmed with the staff to prevent a double booking, as well as a rental agreement (link below) must be filled out and delivered to the staff.


Rental Agreement


Upstairs Rentable Space

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